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Birding & Wildlife

The Voyageur Country of Northeastern Minnesota is a wild and wonderful place. The landscape contains many different habitats from bogs to highland pine forests. The bird diversity is amazing. The small towns that are the gateways to the wilderness offer many services to access the area. The townspeople are friendly and willing to help in any they can.

Pelican Lake Minnesota is perhaps one of the State’s most beautiful wilderness lakes. With a maximum depth of just 38 feet, Pelican Lake draws many Great White American Pelicans (its namesake). Every year the Pelicans call Pelican Lake their summer home. These massive birds are magnificent to behold! As you meander around Pelican Lake, take a deep breath of fresh air and keep your camera ready as black bear, deer, wolves, otter, beavers, fox, badger, porcupine, coyote, eagles, osprey, hawks and other waterfowl often appear along the shore.