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Fishing, boating, hiking and wildlife watching are just some of the activities to enjoy during a summer vacation on Pelican Lake.

The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary has a rich history with black bears. The Sanctuary covers hundreds of acres of protected forests where wild bears have come to feed for generations. Listen to one of the enlightened staff discuss the life of the black bear. Bring your camera because bears are plentiful between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day and can be viewed from the spacious observation deck.

Take a hike up to Vermilion Falls, check out the Vermilion Gorge or take a walk on the Orr Bog Walk.

There is always something to see and do in our backyard. Visit Minnesota’s own Voyageurs National Park for an exhilarating experience in one of the nation’s last remaining true wilderness areas.


“Silence is Golden” in the north woods. Orr abounds in the golden beauty of the Aspen and Tamarack trees mixed with splashes of orange, red and the deep green of the pines all set against autumn’s bright blue sky.

Pelican Lake has excellent fall fishing. Try and catch that lunker you’ve been trying to hook!

As day turns to night, try howling to the wolves and waiting for their mournful reply. Northern Minnesota is one of the few places where grey wolves or timber wolves are able to live in close proximity to humans harmoniously.

Grouse hunting in the area is exceptional, as well as deer, waterfowl and bear hunting. Logging roads and forest trails on state and federal lands provide access to wildlife, fall scenery and serenity.


Blue skies and snow in the evergreen boughs beckon you to experience the out-of-doors in the undiscovered frozen north. Whether it is snowmobiling the “Undiscovered Yellowstone” of the Midwest on the Voyageur Snowmobile Trail System, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing or just enjoying the peace of a snowy day in a pristine setting, winter is truly one of the most magical seasons to visit Orr and Pelican Lake.

Look upward at the winter night sky and you will find a spectacular display put on by a virtual blanket of stars. The lack of artificial light makes it possible to view the stars and planets in their full glory and makes finding constellations fun. Don’t forget to bring along a wish or two, as shooting stars are common and should the Aurora Borealis choose to perform during your visit, you will leave with a memory of a lifetime. A winter Northwoods vacation is all you could wish for.


As the ice goes out on Pelican Lake and surrounding creeks and rivers, the trees and flowers begin to bud and blue skies bring warmth and rebirth to the natural beauty that surrounds Orr.

The birding opportunities are unequalled anywhere as the spring migration brings home our summer feathered residents along with those passing through to breeding grounds farther north. Come and remember what it is like to hear nature’s symphony without all of the big city noises.

Experience the joy of the season as the local wildlife introduces its young to the world. Spring is a wonderful time to take a walk in the woods to listen, watch and learn. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for magnificent antlers that have been shed over the winter. Late spring is also the beginning of fishing season when waters are teeming with hungry fish. Check with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for exact fishing season opening dates. Get away from the hustle of everyday life and escape to Orr/Pelican Lake.