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Pelican Lake – Orr, Minnesota

Come Enjoy The Lake Life

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Pelican Lake at 11,546 acres is the finest example of a perfect marriage between recreation and environmental conservation. It is ideal for fishing bass, panfish, perch, walleye, and pike or for spending a day on the water surrounded by the spectacular scenery of unspoiled boreal forests and Precambrian rock. The resorts on Pelican Lake boast a long history beginning in the early 1900s and evolved over the years to provide first-class accommodations with minimal impact on the natural resources.

For over 80 years, tourists have been drawn to Pelican Lake and Orr, Minnesota because of its reputation for great fishing, clear water, and the opportunity to experience the serenity of true wilderness. Pines and evergreens line the shores along with rocks left over from the ice age.

Pelican Lake is hailed as one of Minnesota’s great fishing lakes with an abundant supply of bluegills, large and smallmouth bass, walleyes, crappies, northern pike, and perch. Children enjoy casting a line for panfish and are rarely disappointed!

With nearly 11,000 acres, 54 miles of shoreline and over 50 islands to explore, Pelican Lake is a dream come true for those who have yet to experience its treasures! Happy vacationers return year after year, swimming in the tranquil waters, paddling canoes along its mesmerizing shores and heading out for a day of serious fishing.